Create your design masterpiece

Use your favourite design tool to create your wireframes and designs.

Upload your designs into Hotspot

Hotspot works with images, so just upload your designs to hotspot as images.

Link up and share

Link up your images to create an interactive experience. Then securely share your project with clients, customers and stake holders.

Start designing, creating and sharing your wireframes and website prototypes now

Use your own design tools

Have ultimate flexibility by using the design tools you already know and love. Hotspot does not lock you in to using tired UI elements and sketchy lines.

Share your designs

Share designs and mock ups with clients and key stake holders. Or even share them with co-workers.

Runs in a real browser

People will see your designs run in a real browser. Making the experience feel real.

Make your designs interactive

Let your clients experience your site like they are using the real thing.

Design for mobile and devices

Test and interact with your designs directly on your device. Great for testing mobile apps and websites.

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